Are You Counting on Social Security and Medicare?…(“So Long!”)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
By Paul Martin

How To Cry ‘Wolf Cub’ on Social Security and Medicare

by Gary North

The mainstream media never cry “wolf!” on the statistically inevitable bankruptcy of Medicare and Social Security. Instead, they cry “wolf cub.”

Robert Powell, the resident retirement economics expert at MarketWatch, has written a standard head-in-the-sand article on the #1 and #2 fiscal killers in the United States: Medicare and Social Security.

It begins with a tip-off to readers about his politics. “Congrats on your re-election! I hope you’ll forgive me for not dwelling on your victory and getting straight to the point.”

Powell knows that Obama will never read his column. So do his readers. So, the intro is for readers, not for Obama.

With all due respect, it’s time for you to tackle this nation’s retirement security issues, including Social Security, Medicare, and a host of other challenges that threaten the financial well-being and standard of living of current and future retirees.

Here is the short list: Social Security, Medicare, retirement security, caring for a nation of elders.

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