State Nullification vs. An Obama Second Term

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
By Paul Martin
November 12, 2012

State Nullification Will Be a Major Issue in Obama’s Second Term. States May Start to Push Back.

State Nullification in a Obama second term will be a knock down drag out fight. The battle is between states’ rights and imperial rule. Just seeing what the White House said about the ballot measures in two states. The state of Washington and Colorado voters decided to legalize cannabis for recreational use. The Federal Government intends to ignore the will of the people. The war on drugs marches on attacking marijuana users regardless of state law. The President does not respect state nullification.

What did the President do with Texas asserted states’ rights? State nullification started in Texas in 2009. The state decided not to enforce the new EPA rules regulating green house gases. The State government seen these new regulations will cause many jobs to be lost. The White House fired back taking over issuing permits for power plants and refineries.

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