“Business is Booming” For Gun Stores After Election

Thursday, November 8, 2012
By Paul Martin

Obama administration moves within hours to renew UN arms ban

Paul Joseph Watson
PRison Planet.com
November 8, 2012

Reports are already coming in that gun sales are booming after the re-election of Barack Obama, with gun manufacturers seeing their stocks soar as the Obama administration moves to ramp up gun control efforts via the United Nations.

ABC 57 visited a gun store in Indiana the day after Obama’s victory and reported a “very busy post-election day” at Midwest Gun Exchange, adding that “business is booming” due to fears that Obama will use his lame duck term to ban certain types of weapons.

“Throughout the industry, other dealers are talking about having sales increases because of people mindful and kind of wondering what will happen, if it is going to happen,” said employee Rocco Rigsby, adding, “They are fearing things are going to get banned, so they are coming in and taking a look to see what their options are and to see what is available.”

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