RED HOOK: ‘It’s So Depressing, People Don’t Know What To Do’

Saturday, November 3, 2012
By Paul Martin

Aimee Groth
Nov. 3, 2012

Red Hook, the seaside Brooklyn neighborhood that was slammed by Hurricane Sandy, is a complete mess. Roads flooded up to six feet deep, and dozens of cars washed away. Five days since the storm hit, many residents are still without power and are desperate for help.

We trekked down to the Red Hook shelter on West 9th Street and Clinton St. and found it to be exactly as one of the volunteer doormen described it: “a madhouse.” The line for basic supplies, including food, toiletries and clothing, was 500 people deep all day. Most were from the nearby projects.

And just like the residents of Lower Manhattan, they’ve also been living in a “Dark Zone.”
“It’s so, so miserable,” one of the young tenants tells us. “It’s so depressing, people don’t know what to do.”

People waited for hours in the cold November air to get inside the shelter. One volunteer says it’s been chaos all day, and “people are trying to game the system by passing through twice.”

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