Forget 1%, 99% Or 47%: It Is The Turn Of The 70% To Be Pissed

Saturday, October 27, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Mike Krieger

People are going to be pissed off no matter who wins this election and that is a very important social dynamic we believe is vastly under appreciated by the majority of mainstream pundits and analysts out there. This is also very distinct from the environment that prevailed in 2008. Should Romney win, the 28% of Americans that identify as Republican will be thrilled, and the remaining 72% will be largely upset and on edge. Should Obama win, similarly, the 32% registered Democrat with be thrilled and the remaining 68% will be upset and on edge. Hence, the 70% referred to in the title of this article. This is a recipe ripe for social unrest and it will be coming to our shores as we outlined recently in The Global Spring.

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