Tuesday, September 11, 2012
By Paul Martin


Well, once again my email box is the ultimate testament to the sickening, nauseating, despicable ignorance and apostasy of the smoldering rubble of what is left of Christendom. In short, you people don’t get it, and don’t get it to such an unfathomable degree that even a miserable, cynical, jaded harpy like me is left gobsmacked by your staggering stupidity.
How, EXACTLY, can you subscribe to a religion and fail to grasp the most basic, obvious fundamentals of that religion? You people really are in it for the socializing, aren’t you? You don’t give a damn about the theology, the dogma or the TRUTH, you just go to see and be seen, and to be entertained in the most shallow, superficial terms possible. I cannot describe how sick that makes me to observe. The lack of integrity and the intellectual shallowness makes me SICK.

And yet, for some unfathomable reason, here I am about to attempt to explain simple, basic, rudimentary concepts to a culture in whom I have just epsilon above zero confidence in, because if I don’t do it, neither Pastor Jeremy at your neo-pagan Superfun Rockband church of the Latter Day Dumbasses™ nor Father Liza-Judy over at Holy Marxist Jazzhands parish will. So we’re all just stuck.

Here is just a sampling of the stupidity that I have received over the past few days. Bear in mind, almost every email that came in, came in from self-professed “Christians”, and one even came from a chap who proudly assured me of his superlative authority because he started and runs his very own “church” right out of his house. Look out. I might just break an ankle or get a hernia running to get a piece of that deep-fried orthodoxy on a stick.

1. Ann, you have to pay your taxes because you can’t possibly do any good in prison or dead.

2. Ann, self-sacrifice never accomplishes anything.

3. Ann, no one has ever heard of you and no one ever will hear of you, so if you go to prison or get killed it will be a total waste.

4. Ann, Obama and the IRS aren’t worth losing your freedom over. The only way you can accomplish anything is if you keep your freedom.

It’s just email after email like that. From Christians. What does one even say to stupidity that intense? Do you people not think about anything you say? Perhaps a better question would be simply, do you people not think at all? You have brains. For the love of God, will you PLEASE, PLEASE use them?

Let’s go point by point.

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