Greeks stage mock hangings in protest at austerity measures as European Central Bank riles Germans with euro debt plan

Friday, September 7, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Hugo Duncan
6 September 2012

Members of the Greek security forces staged a symbolic hanging in front of the nation’s parliament in Athens in protest at austerity measures in place in the debt-stricken country.

Uniformed members of the police force, fire brigade and coast guard staged the emotive demonstration during a rally yesterday to protest against cuts to security forces’ pay and benefits.

On the same day the European Central Bank launched a bold plan to save the crumbling euro from collapse, but this led to a damaging rift with Germany.

ECB president Mario Draghi said the bank will buy the debt of troubled eurozone countries such as Spain to bring down their borrowing costs and prevent a break-up of the single currency.

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