Iraq Vet Lands In Jail On Terrorist Charges After Jogging With Toy Rifle

Friday, August 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

Geoffrey Ingersoll
Aug.24, 2012

Maybe Army National Guardsman and Iraq war veteran William Everett Alemar thought he was just getting in some good training.

But the police didn’t seem to think so.

Matthew Umstead of The Herald Mail reports that police in Martinsburg, West Virginia received calls at 7 am on Aug. 20 about a man running down the road near a school in fatigues and a protective vest, brandishing what appeared to be an assault rifle.

In a matter of minutes three officers were reportedly drawing their weapons down on the man, forcing him to his knees and removing the rifle from his possession.

The rifle turned out to be a air-soft “training” rifle, essentially a toy that anyone can buy which shoots rubber pellets, and also had the easily recognizable red tip that denotes toy guns, according to the Herald Mail. Police found two knives, several empty rifle magazines, and ceramic plates in his vest, the paper reported.

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