Significant Stock Market Top, Next Leg Down: Export led World Economic Collapse UNDERWAY

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
By Paul Martin

By: Ty Andros
Market Oracle
Aug 21, 2012

Italy: Time to put a fork in it. It’s done!
50 year lows equal 50 year highs in FEAR and MONEY printing!
Faces of CRONY Capitalism!
Stock Market Top of significance?
Next leg down: Export led world economic collapse UNDERWAY!

As the Developed World’s Currency, Financial systems and economies move towards their ultimate denouement the next 4 months are JAMMED packed with prospective catastrophes. A number of canaries in the coalmines are singing loudly signaling their COMING demise as the grim reaper continues its march to them. This era in mankind’s evolution will be written about and studied for centuries into the future. Illusions fostered by GOVERNMENT-controlled schools, the main stream media and a global banking cartel are set to FALL.

As something for nothing societies head for their demise as the search for something for nothing hits fever pitch levels in Developed World economies and as the cannibals they are turn on their own societies/wealth producers and anything which can FUND their unpayable expectations and perceived entitlements. Socialism is MISERY SPREAD WIDELY and the blast zone just keeps on GROWING in the centrally planned socialists economies of the west.

Growth in REAL terms is EXTINCT in the developed world but debt (unpayable and inextinguishable promises to pay of ALL TYPES: Sovereigns, pensions, entitlements and FIAT currencies printed endlessly out of THIN air) is GROWING and compounding RELENTLESSLY. UNLESS CENTRAL planners REPENT and repeal their choke hold on their respective economies and UNLEASH the entrepreneurs, and builders in their societies who PRODUCE REAL WEALTH there can be NO HOPE! Don’t hold your breath for this as you will DIE waiting. Prepare for it and thrive.

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