Mayor Bloomberg is Wrong: Most Police Are for the Second Amendment and Reject Gun Control

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
By Paul Martin
July 25, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg is an authoritarian, who wants to do business in his city anyway. I talked with some former NYPD officers who tell a different tale. These former NYPD men all think the gun control laws are ridicules. Actually they make the job of the Police officer more dangerous because the criminals will be the only people having firearms while the law abiding are disarmed. They are the ones who will shoot at the Police. In cities that have gun control like New York and Chicago, home invasions are high and the homeowner has no right to defend themselves with a butter knife. In these cities, the homeowner defending their home will get more jail time then the home invader committing a crime.

The response time for police in NYC responding a robbery is much more then just minutes away. They can only show up after the crime has happened. The Police cannot protect us no matter how much they may want to. Personal protection is the responsibility of the person and not the police. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the Police should refuse to protect the people unless the people stand by strict gun control laws that disarm the law abiding. Because of gun control laws NYC has, the NYPD officer has a more dangerous job because the law abiding people cannot own a handgun compared to a city of Kennesaw Georgia where every home has a gun. Crime is low far below the national average and the peace officer’s job is much more safer because an armed population deters the criminals.

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