Preparing for the Inevitable…We are but one event away from chaos and I say to you, “be prepared”.

Thursday, July 12, 2012
By Paul Martin

By George Mantor

As I begin this, the power to a couple of million people has been out for 6 days. Despite what will be said, this is not an anomaly but one in a more frequently occurring series of infrastructure breakdowns.

Add to that the undeniable fact that, whether caused by global warming or other possibly worse scenarios, more people’s lives are being negatively affected by both weather and disasters.

Now, keep in mind that the budgets of those organizations intended to respond to these events have been severely reduced because of loss of revenues related to fewer tax payers and substantially lower property values.

Factor in the impact of the pending banking collapse and the inevitable bank runs, and you have the recipe for some serious craziness.

One thing we haven’t had to contend with much in the past is the impact of a computer glitch on our lives. My favorite example occurred right here in San Diego on July 4th.

The long awaited, highly anticipated, state-of-the-art fireworks tribute to American independence is an event so spectacular that people drove hundreds of miles just for the “oohing” and the “aahing”, and the gut punching of dozens of thunderous explosions spread out over forty-five minutes.

Billed as the Big Bay Boom it is a fireworks lover’s heaven. The show itself was produced by the venerable century old firm, Garden City Fireworks, all the way from Millington, New Jersey.

No amateurs flickin’ bics in a trench somewhere. Four separate locations, including three barges brought into the bay itself, would serve as launch pads.

Because of the uniqueness of the site, this would be one of company’s biggest shows of the year and they do hundreds of them from coast to coast.

As darkness set in, people positioned themselves for what was to come.

And, then it began.

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