Depopulation by Food while making Profit

Monday, July 9, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Shenali Waduge

Two goals have been set into motion. A group of people feel the only way to bring back balance to the world is if there were fewer people. Thus, they envisage the need to depopulate the world and conclude that the best way to do that is by poisoning the food we eat while they make profits through the methods being introduced. Is the world’s population really increasing at the rate that is being given to us?

Is it possible that these numbers are manipulated? What do people really know about UN’s Codex Alimentarius and how guidelines are laid out to slowly poison the people of the world? How much do we know about the undetectable or barely detectable medical, nutritional and environmental interventions that are taking place purely to reduce world population? The world is 7billion the goal is to reduce that number by 90% into 500million, how a good question but unknown to us that plan is has already been implemented!

We are told the world is now 7billion. Is this a statistic we can accept? We know that populations are declining in Western nations so much so that it is posing a security threat. Thus, their anger with immigrants whose births are rising predicting a possible takeover of these nations by immigrants one day. Immigrants are having more babies and immigrant death rates are slower. Yet, look at the abortion statistics the world over and do some calculations to see how far these figures are actually believable. Is this another manipulation to enforce programs and action plans?

Arable Land / Codex Alimentarius

They say he who controls food – controls the world. In 1997 Beijing Womens Conference, the head of the UN food program said that Food would be used as a weapon against the people. It is proving to be true. Global Multinational corporations do not want us to know what is inside the food we are eating. Thus, a major drive to enforce GM foods.

Eating GM foods will change one’s DNA, make changes in the biological system etc. Once the GMO food enters into one’s system people will become a slave to those that own the pesticides that grow GM foods. GMO foods are not labeled because they do not want to reveal what is inside. There are attempts to refer GMO as Biotechnology foods which people use instead of organic. However, bio is not organic. Countries that try to label GMO foods are politically pressured by US and its allies. This is the real politics taking place.

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