07/01/2012 — “Freq Weather — Weather Modification in the 21st Century” — teaser (2 of 3)

Sunday, July 1, 2012
By Paul Martin


A second teaser trailer showing a bit more on topics covered.. and a quick rough shot of me out in the field working on the project. (look quick .. im camera shy) Getting me on film is like pulling teeth.. only when it MUST be done! lol

This documentary touches on the major aspects / uses of frequency as a force multiplier, and as a geo-engineering tool.

I touch on topics like HAARP, NEXRAD, VLF (very low frequency) , owning the weather by 2025, military force multipliers, —- several animations show the process much better than words can describe.

Thanks to all who helped get things going over the winter , up to June 10th 2012 (6/10 I reached the 2800 fundraising goal).

Final touches being made..

Be safe, and be prepared… severe weather is now something on everyones plate… have your plans practiced and ready!

much love to all,



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