US Study: Radioactive Xenon-133 in Washington was 450,000 times above detection levels after Fukushima — “Persisted for weeks” (CHART)

Thursday, June 7, 2012
By Paul Martin

By ENENews
June 7th, 2012

Follow-up to: U. of Texas researchers: Fukushima release “so great” that radioactive aerosols in Washington were up to 100,000 normal
US Particulate and Xenon Measurements Made Following the Fukushima Reactor Accident

Page 8

Xenon-133 measurements were x450,000 our detection levels using a SAUNA-II xenon measurement system

Noble gas does not “washout,” and is the first emitted from any possible fuel damage

Levels persisted for weeks and isotopes were ultimately detected across the northern hemisphere and around the world.

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