Pistole: TSA Gropers Being Trained To Feel For Crotch Bombs

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
By Paul Martin

Agency head admits $1 billion body scanner program may fail

Steve Watson
May 22, 2012

Although reports today suggest that the TSA is looking to move away from physical pat downs, owing to public backlash, TSA head John Pistole admitted recently that screeners are being trained to pay specific attention to the crotches of travelers moving through airport security.
In comments to Bloomberg News columnist Jeffrey Goldberg, Pistole noted that the TSA is responding to the recent crotch bomber double agent panic.

“Pistole told me that the TSA has developed mock-ups of the bomb, and agents are being instructed on its design and how to detect it.” Goldberg writes.

“If done properly, it may be found,” Pistole said referring to TSA pat downs.

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