Forget The “Bazookas”: Here Come The “Tomahawks” And “Howitzers” – An R-Rated Walk Thru The Greek Endgame

Monday, May 21, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

We have already provided much cold, hard, clinical facts on the hypothetical Greek EMU exit on countless occasions before. Yet Jefferies’ David Zervos has done it with such peculiar aplomb which we have not encountered before, that we felt compelled to share with it readers. Zervos’ Paulsonesque ‘apocalyptic’ flair shines particularly when analyzing what happens at T-0, i.e., June 16, i.e., the day before Greek election day, i.e., the last Greek free call option on physical euros if all hell breaks loose: “On June 16th why wouldn’t every Greek go to the bank with a sack and ask for the cash. Why hold Euros into the 17th? By that logic why not get them out earlier in case they shut the ELA pre-election. From the north’s perspective, one could argue that Merkel should shut the ELA right now. Allowing the Greek people to access all their Euros physically, while still holding the option to default on June 17th, is insane. She and the ECB would NOT be acting in the best interest of the Eurozone if they let this happen – there would be 300b in Target2 losses to split up between 16 member NCBs if the Greeks choose to leave after taking out all the Euros.” So where does the chaos from a Greek bank run and exit lead us, as Zervos puts it. “The end is of course ECB printing, Eurobonds and every developed market central bank dumping massive liquidity into the global financial markets as systemic risks rise – QE, LTROs, Currency swaps, and every funding facility under the sun come into play. The path to this end game will be bumpy, but make no mistake, the developed market central banks will dump so much fiat on the system to cover the losses, that risk free real rates will plummet to levels so negative that anyone left holding cash or cash equivalents will see massive destruction of real wealth. We may have to push risk assets a bit lower from here, but the global central banks will be firing howitzers and tomahawks very shortly, not bazookas! And you best be owning some risk when those bad boys are launched!!”

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