Next Megaquake Looking for a Weak Spot?

Sunday, April 8, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Zen Gardner
Saturday, April 7th, 2012

Following the quakes around the ring of fire you start to see patterns, thanks to people like Dutchsinse who diligently follow earth changes and weather phenomena and make a real effort to educate as well as serve as the warning system the mainstream generally fails to be due to their collusion with the PTBs.

He’s noticed at least two important patterns. When one side of the ring of fire is very active and the other is not, there will usually be mirrored activity soon in those dormant areas to balance the pressure release. The other is the telltale sign before very large quakes of a consistent and notable build up of good sized tectonic activity. He predicted the big Japan quake based on just such a large swarm and keeps an eye out for it

On top of this, we are presently in a conjunction of planetary and lunar influences that often accompany large earthquakes, as these gravitational and otherwise influences tug on our excited earth’s rotating core.

Central America and Puerto Rico Lighting Up

This current Central American activity is just such a phenomenon to keep an eye on. This is just the kind of flurry that happens before very large quakes. The Central American quakes are all sizeable and the Puerto Rico quake swarm is even more than the usual already high activity. Note the fault line connecting Puerto Rico to the Central American coastal fault, which then goes south but is mostly obscured by the many frequent quakes.

The region it crosses through southern Mexico is “reawakening” as noted below and could set off any of these large systems around it, especially Puerto Rico or the entire California fault line that is also experiencing increased activity.

I don’t like the looks of it. People should beware and prepare.

There has also been a massive dolphin die-off of in Peru recently so this whole lower level of the eastern ring of fire should be watched. Although from the sounds of the injuries it could be that nasty naval black-op sonar or something HAARP related. Seems they’ve targeted earth’s biosphere for some Satanic reason. And their operations are intertwined with natural phenomena no doubt for camouflage.

Clever bastards. But wrong and soon to come to an end.

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