America’s History of Armed Tax Revolts. Can it Happen Again?

Sunday, April 1, 2012
By Paul Martin
Sunday, April 1, 2012

What is being taught about history in the classroom and what really happened is two different things. We hear about the history of when the people revolt, we hear about protest and marches. We hear about the calls for civil disobedience from various activists. Sometimes they work making changes needed. Other times, they are not enough to go the distance to correct injustices. We as Americans are rich in history of armed tax revolts, it is just never talked about anymore in history classes.

One of the most oppressive things that can be imposed on the people is unreasonable taxes that do not benefit the people, but interest that do seek to enrich themselves only. Taxation is theft. We fought a war with England over this. When the war ended and we became independent as a free nation no longer under the British crown. The scallywags in power here tried to bring the banking system back into the United States with the First National Bank under the advice of Alexander Hamilton.

One of the terms for peace is England wanted us to pay for war reparations after we won and beat the redcoats. What such audacity, people as Alexander Hamilton thought we should pay England’s war debt. I am not talking about the war debt to France and Spain. The British Crown wanted to pay the war debt for the war for independence also. Not just the French and Indian wars of the 1760s.

This is why they wanted to draft the US Constitution to pay off the war debt with a centralized government. This started a war between the Federalist and the Anti Federalist. The people who wanted a central bank of the United States wanted a Constitution using the auspices we have to pay off this war debt. Part of that debt was war reparations to Great Britain.

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