War Clouds On The Potomac. No Not Iran. War Declared On You.

Friday, March 9, 2012
By Paul Martin

March 9, 2012

All of the fear mongering about attacking Iran and launching WW III is a psychological ploy to keep you distracted from the ongoing theft of tens of trillions of dollars from you by the New York and London banks. This is a long term project to reduce us all to Debt Slavery. It should not take much longer for them to steal what little remains to be taken. All they need to do is to keep your mind focused elsewhere for a little while longer.

Meanwhile Ben Bernanke is busy doing his job which is to crank out tens of trillions of dollars to keep this Global Banking Scam going without releasing a Hyperinflationary Depression until they are ready to spring the next phase on us. As I said recently, Bernanke is careful to only inflate currency for Bailouts, to cover bank losses, to buy government bonds and of course to pay bonuses to bankers. He cannot allow loans to be made to small businesses nor can he allow Obama and the Congress to repair the roads, bridges, sewers and dams. Those actions would create a recovery and get all the money Bernanke created into circulation which would send us prematurely into Hyperinflation. That would end the ongoing criminal enterprise which is looting the entire population of the world of everything. And that would be bad for business.

I think they can keep this moribund economy alive long enough to stagger past the November elections, If I am wrong, expect Hyperinflation sooner rather than later. I think they will release a massive inflation in 2013 that will put the price of food beyond the reach of a few billion people. And that means wars, civil wars, race wars, revolutions and nationwide food riots. It also means the end of every city in America. That is to say the bankers already have a plan involving Genocide and You for the next phase in their perpetual war against humanity.

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