UK Police Given Unchecked License To Kill

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Alexander Higgins
March 5, 2012

UK police shoot dead another unarmed man in a ‘pre-planned’ operation following similar cases in recent months raising fears police have a license to kill.

Britain Internal Affairs reveal man police shot dead did not have a gun in his car after similar cases in recent months raising fears officers are given the say-so to kill citizens indiscriminately.

The police earlier said 36-year-old Anthony Grainger was killed in a “pre-planned” police operation but did not clarify what prompted the shooting, but witnesses report armored officers approaching the vehicle after firing CS gas at the car and moments later the police fired shots through the window after Grainger reportedly refused to raise his arms in the air after given orders to do so by the police..

Grainger’s death has immediately sparked unrest given the long history of similar incidents in which at least 333 individuals have lost their lives in police custody since 1998 ..

Not single officer has been convicted over the death of the 333 victims over the entire 13 years which has triggered annual demonstrations against the police atrocity and corruption, including setting the stage for the London Riots last August.

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