Will Obama Warn America Before Attacking Iran?

Monday, March 5, 2012
By Paul Martin

Jason Ditz
March 04, 2012

Speaking before a broad collection of the Israeli Lobby at AIPAC, President Obama followed up a week of repeated threats to attack Iran by warning of “loose talk” about attacking Iran.

We learned last week that Israel, the presumptive aggressor in he upcoming war, won’t warn the United States before starting a war that US officials have already committed us to join. But suppose President Obama decides to start the war somewhere along the line – will he be any more likely to warn the United States before doing so?

Recent history certainly leaves open some doubts. Last week US ground troops were attacked in Aden, Yemen, despite repeated Obama Administration insistences that ground troops would not be sent to Yemen. The US Pacific Commander Admiral Willard let several cats out of the bag in reporting on US special forces already operating in five countries, including India, none of which were known to have US ground troops.

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