Friday, March 2, 2012
By Paul Martin

By: Devvy
March 2, 2012

Oil is going through the roof. Again.

The American people are angry about it. Again.

Republicans are blaming the Democrats. Again. The Democrats are blaming the Republicans. Again.

After all, it’s an election year for all of the U.S. House of Miscreants and 1/3rd of the unlawful U.S. Senate.[1]

On February 29, 2012, I watched a sound bite discussion on FOX News between Megyn Kelly and braying ass, Sen. John Conryn [R-TX]. He huffed and he puffed about the need to drill for oil here in the U.S. and cut down on the need for foreign oil.

There have been many headlines about the Keystone XL Pipeline and how many jobs it will create. If you’re not familiar with that project, big money wants to bring oil down from Canada to the gulf for refining; a couple of other states with refineries as well. Here is an accurate description of the pipline:

“The Keystone Pipeline System is a pipeline system to transport synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen (“dilbit”) from the Athabasca Oil Sands in northeastern Alberta, Canada to multiple destinations in the United States, which include refineries in Illinois, Cushing oil distribution hub in Oklahoma, and proposed connections to refineries along the Gulf Coast of Texas. It consists of the operational “Keystone Pipeline” (Phase 1) and “Keystone-Cushing Extension” (Phase 2), and two proposed Keystone XL pipeline expansion segments. After the Keystone XL pipeline segments are completed, American crude oil would enter the XL pipelines at Baker, Montana and Cushing, Oklahoma.

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