Social Media Giants Set Up “Free Speech Zones” to Censor Dissent…(USSA…Check…)

Thursday, March 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

by George Washington

Preface: Reddit is the 119th most popular website worldwide on the Internet, which is more popular than Digg. Because news stories are submitted and voted up social media style, it used to be one of the best sources on the web for alternative news.

I am personally one of the top 100 or so posters to Reddit. Specifically, I have submitted many stories written by other authors on other websites, and have more than 150,000 “karma” points.

As such, I am saddened to see Reddit go the way of Digg and other sites which have been ruined by censorship.

The Bush administration gutted free speech rights by limiting protesters to “free speech zones” which were often miles away from the meetings or conventions being protested, and well away from the media spotlight.

For example, here is the “free speech zone” for protesters at the 2004 Democratic National Convention:

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