There Never Was An American Empire Only A Machine That Consumed Us All Part II

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
By Paul Martin
February 28, 2012

An American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf with its 5,000 plus personnel, 75 jets and guided missiles has both the same function and offensive capacity as the passenger ship Lusitania had in 1915. They were both placed at their locations to get the people on board killed and neither one had or will have any offensive ability after hostilities begin.

Let me explain why I say that a nuclear powered carrier after hostilities start will have no more offensive capacity than the Lusitania passenger liner. The Lusitania was carrying 6 million rifle rounds which made it a legitimate military target and guaranteed a high death rate amongst the passengers from the secondary explosions of the munitions. (Regular readers can skip this next paragraph.)

The Iranians have drones which are armed with 4 missiles each. The Iranians invented chess so they will target the control room, the radar, the flight deck and the guided missile batteries for attack by their drones. This means those carriers will be as operationally useless and as great a military threat as a passenger liner. The drones will take away the carrier’s fire power before it can do anything but wait a few seconds for the first round of anti-ship missiles to arrive breaching all of the ship’s 12 compartments. The first wave guarantees the carrier will be well on the way to sinking before the second round of missiles arrives a few seconds later from a few miles further away. The final wave of the Iranian attack will come a few seconds later from 130 mile range rocket artillery with 1,337 pound warheads continuing until there is nothing visible left above the surface. I doubt that more than a few of the 5,000 men and women on board will survive. I know that and the Israelis do too.

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