Financial Troubles For Many Nations In The New Year

Friday, December 30, 2011
By Paul Martin

New year new troubles for big nations, Italy controls its cash, a third year of inflationary depression, Fannie Mae in the courts for obstructing, lowest employment in years, a cycle of new changes socially, politically, economically, the sky has not fallen in… yet.

Bob Chapman

2012 is going to be quite a year with falling economies in the UK, Europe, the US, China, Japan and the remainder of Asia. Latin America, and Mexico by comparison should fare fairly well overall. England is in a death spiral. Europe is next, the US is not far behind and China and Japan will soon join the disjoined group. We are about to witness the end of the period that developed since the end of WWII. That is economically, financially, socially and politically. The transition into the future is going to be borne out of chaos. If you have any doubt just look at the recent legislation passed in the US allowing the president to pick up and incarcerate, torture or murder dissidents. Americans will be labeled terrorists for any reason government decides. This is corporatist fascist dictatorial government. We have as well reports from Marion Monte, a top Illuminist, who was appointed Italy’s PM that he wants business to stop making large transactions in cash. Cash will be limited to $1,300 per transaction down from $3,250. That should bring the economy to a halt, create a thriving black market and drive buyers into US dollars and gold and silver coins. They obviously want to bring the Italian economy to its knees. As a result Italian consumer confidence in December fell to its lowest level in 16 years. Their sentiment index is 91.6, the lowest since 19096. Next the fascist appointed plans to make net asset audits to identify people who spend more than they will officially earn. This will become a worldwide trend. These orders should emasculate savings in Italy, the least-indebted nation in Europe. They are switching out of the euro into other currencies and gold and silver. Italy may be broke, but Italians are not. Banks pushed for the cash limit so people would start using credit cards from which the banks extract 2%. Older Italians will get hit hard; 7.5 million have never even had a bank account. The bankers and dictators never give up and you all are about to find that out. It is expected the greatest upheaval will be in the US, as their way of life comes to a halt. The catalyst could be a rigged election next November. Americans know if Ron Paul is not elected they are doomed. In addition, insolvency will touch every family in America bringing on an aggressiveness and warrior mentality that heretofore the world has never seen. If these elitists think they are going to get away with this they are sadly mistaken.
No one wants to call it that, but the UK, US and Europe in February will be entering into a third year of inflationary depression. In the US the S&P has already cut their credit rating and another is on the way. In fact cuts in credit ratings are going on worldwide, although it is particularly significant for the US, as their dollar is the world reserve currency. 2012, a big election year, opens amid confusion and social, economic and political confusion. There is a tremendous push to destroy the US Constitution and its constrictions on rule and government. The US government is in the process of being overthrown with the assistance of the president and Congress, and the American people do not have a clue as to what is going on. The US government has set up internment camps and authorized the arrest of anyone who disagrees with it. These edicts are sure to be followed by violence. The question is will the American military kill its own citizens? We hope not, because it is a battle they cannot win. This will be a battle for liberty and freedom and those guiding our fascist government will find there will be no Mr. Nice Guy this time.

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