History Shows Illegal Detentions and Dictatorships are Nothing New to America

Sunday, December 25, 2011
By Paul Martin

Saturday, December 24, 2011

I know people are up in arms with the National Defense Authorization Act because it gives the Military jurisdiction to arrest Americans without cause at the discretion of the President. This is nothing new in our history for an out of control President. It is not the first time the Chief Executive abused its powers overreaching beyond what the Constitution authorizes the President to do. In the past what Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and FDR did was so egregious, we must remember from history or we are doomed to repeat it. Obama and Bush were only basing their actions on their predecessors.

President Abraham Lincoln was not the honest Abe we learned in schools. He was a tyrant suspending the writ of Habeas Corpus. He jailed many journalist,politicians, state legislators and dissidents in the north using the excuse them being southern sympathizers. This President using the military for law enforcement reason to arrest his political enemies was the act of a dictator. The President defied the Supreme Court’s order of the right of Habeas Corpus for people held without charge or reason. Only congress can suspend Habeas Corpus.

In in the early 20the century, President Woodrow Wilson who signed the Federal Reserve act into law and who used his secretary of state to declare the 16th and 17th Amendments ratified without three fourths of the states concurring. This man pulled us into World War one and jailed many Americans illegally who opposed us being in this war to end all wars. This President was labeled the worst and first fascist commander and chief. I think Lincoln and Wilson are tied for the that designation.

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