Warning from a Chinese Professor: JR Nyquist!

Monday, December 5, 2011
By Paul Martin


China’s Major Gen. Zhang Zhaozhong has reportedly said that China must be prepared to fight World War III if Iran is attacked by the United States. According to Zhang’s logic, China’s security is tied to Iran’s security. Zhang further suggested that China may need to fight such a war for domestic political reasons; namely, that as China’s economy cools so will the population’s enthusiasm for the ruling Communist Party. In bad economic times, a global war would redirect popular discontent against a foreign enemy.

Zhang Zhaozhong is a professor at the Chinese National Defense University, and published a book in 1999 titled Who is the Next Target? Of course, the target is America. In writing this, Zhang was not merely expressing a personal opinion. The Chinese regime is Communist, and this actually signifies something – though this signification is masked behind a façade of peaceful cooperation and economic partnership. Communists are violently committed to the overthrow of global capitalism. Therefore, capitalism in China has been built by the Communist Party for Communist ends. Those who do not know this have forgotten their political ABCs. Of course, China’s best media commentators would say General Zhang is exaggerating, and does not represent the official Chinese position. If what he said was wrong or outrageous, then why hasn’t he been fired from his post by the government?

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