Globalist Candidate Gingrich Gets Influential Establishment Endorsement

Sunday, November 27, 2011
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
November 27, 2011

The establishment has left the flubber Rick Perry in the dust and may do likewise to Mitt Romney as the 2012 election season gears up. It looks like they are putting their money behind the former Speaker of the House and seasoned globalist, Newt Gingrich.

On Sunday, Gingrich received the endorsement of the influential editorial board of the New Hampshire Union Leader. “We are in critical need of the innovative, forward-looking strategy and positive leadership that Gingrich has shown he is capable of providing,” said an editorial penned by publisher Joseph W. McQuaid.
“A lot of candidates say they’re going to improve Washington. Newt Gingrich has actually done that, and in this race he offers the best shot of doing it again,” he added.

The Union Leader endorsement is considered influential because New Hampshire is an early primary state. “The failure to win the board’s endorsement may be a setback for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign which has struggled to win support from Tea party-affiliated voters and the right-wing of the GOP base,” reports The Hill.

Despite the endorsement for Gingrich, however, Romney still leads in the first primary state. According to a Suffolk University/7News poll conducted last week, Romney has the support of 41 percent of likely GOP voters. Gingrich came in second with 14 percent and tied with Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

A Bloomberg poll held on November 10 placed Ron Paul second at 17 percent, while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came in at 11 percent. All the other candidates were below 10 percent.

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