27 Reasons Why Newt Gingrich Would Be A Really, Really Bad President

Thursday, November 17, 2011
By Paul Martin


In recent weeks, the poll numbers for Newt Gingrich have absolutely skyrocketed. Many now believe that he has a legitimate shot at winning the Republican nomination. But the truth is that he would be a really, really bad president. Gingrich is a big time Washington insider who believes in individual health care mandates, who supported the bailouts, who was instrumental in cramming NAFTA down the throats of the American people and who is either soft or wrong on just about every single issue that conservatives care about. His personal life has a history of being a mess, his finances have a history of being a mess and his campaign was such a mess a few months ago that most observers considered his candidacy to be completely dead. He has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations for two decades and he has been spotted attending meetings at the Bohemian Grove. He sounds good during a debate, but it really boggles the mind that anyone would consider voting for someone with such a nightmarish track record.

The funny thing is that a lot of Tea Party activists are now jumping on board the Gingrich bandwagon. A couple of years ago, the Tea Party movement was very much anti-establishment and Tea Party activists declared that they were sick and tired of “fake conservatives” and “RINOs”.

Well, other than Mitt Romney, there isn’t anyone left in the Republican field that is more of a “fake conservative” than Gingrich is. Gingrich is a big time “RINO” that represents just about everything that the Tea Party is supposed to be against.

It just seems inconceivable that a big chunk of Republicans would actually be thinking of voting for Gingrich at this point. Yes, four more years of Obama would be a complete and total disaster for America, but so would a Gingrich administration.

The following are 27 reasons why Newt Gingrich would be a really, really bad president….

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