Wednesday, November 16, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Jon Christian Ryter
November 16, 2011

When the FDA and the Texas Medical Board went after Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in 1996, Sgt. Rick Schiff, an 11 year veteran of the Tampa Police Dept. testified before a US Congressional hearing on Feb. 29, 1996 about losing one twin daughter to a highly malignant brain tumor that traveled throughout her brain and spine.

Doctors said they had two options: take her home and let her die, or use massive doses of chemo and radiation simultaneously. In either event she was going to die—and very quickly. The Schiffs agreed to the therapy. Six months later, she was still alive—and still dying of cancer. Schiff and his wife began digging for alternatives. They found Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

Eighteen months later, after being treated by Dr. Burzynski, she was still alive—and she was cancer free. A new tumor showed up. Against the advise of their local oncologist who insisted Burzynski’s treatment failed, they put her back on Burzynski’s treatment. In 9 weeks, the tumor was completely gone. Schiff’s daughter died in July, 1995 of neurological necrosis.

Her brain simply fell apart from the prolonged use of radiation. The autopsy showed she was completely cancer-free. Out of 52 case of that disease—ever, no one died cancer-free, just Chrissie Schiff. Schiff told Congress that she didn’t die of a terminal illness. She died, he said “…of my inability to care for her properly. She died from bad advise. She died because there is a government institution that disseminates false information and is not looking out for the best interests of the people.”

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