They are Coming for Your Children

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Natty Bumppo
Growing up has always been a hard thing to do. And there is so much more than what Ginger & the Snaps immortalized for us in song. Despite how hard we try to protect our children allowing them to keep their innocence (which Mrs. Bumppo and I have done very well) taken as a whole each generation appears to be faced with some of the more sinister facts of life faster and faster. This corrupts their minds and steals the innocence of childhood and this is being done at an horrific rate in today’s society.

If the child is so fortunate to survive being born after conception within it’s mother’s womb. Then the child must survive the cocktails of poisons awaiting them in the form of vaccines all under the auspices of healthcare. If the child survives these first two attacks on their existence; then comes the predators. There appears to be more predators in today’s society than I know about in history. Actually, I would say that we today are worse off than Sodom and Gomorrah. Every time you turn on the news, open a paper or watch headlines on the internet there is a crime against a child. And the regurgitating fact is that an overwhelming majority of these incidents are sexual in nature.

Now, the child in a home where the parents have not killed them in the womb because they were an inconvenience to the careers of the parents. They survived the vaccines with out any noticeable side effects and were not molested sexually. The next phase is the molestation of the soul (mind) through the government training centers more commonly known as public schools. Here they take these beautiful minds ever so alive to the world around them and mostly blank slates of “I love my mommy and daddy and they love me” mentality. Innocent to the depravity infected world. But that is not what society wants for our children. They have a more sinister agenda and take this innocent mind and turn it into a drug induced robot. Spewing out the latest and greatest propaganda given to them by the government so that they may become the slaves of a tyrannical beast whose only concern is its own survival.

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