Our Brave New World Of Snitches And Surveillance

Sunday, November 13, 2011
By Paul Martin

Zen Gardner
Before It’s News
Sunday, November 13, 2011

The tech industry giants continue to dutifully “lead the way” into a suffocating surveillance state in collusion with the nasty likes of the NSA, FBI, CIA, TSA and the DHS..to name a “phew”. (Almost ran out of letters. Notice they’re almost always 3?…hmmm. The Masons wouldn’t have anything to do with all this, would they?)

This time a “non-profit group Parking Mobility, created by George Soros-funded organizations, created the Android, Blackberry and iPhone parking ticket app which encourages cities to adopt the program because they can ‘generate revenue.'”

As if our well-being was the purpose for this indoctrination into self-policing. I mean, c’mon.

Deputizing Citizens As Parking Meter Snitches? There’s An App For That

“Residents of Austin, Texas may soon have the power to issue parking tickets by taking a few photographs of someone else’s car with their smartphones. A unanimous council voted on October 20 to explore the concept of deputizing vigilante meter maids using an iPhone app. Disabled advocates pushed the program at the council meeting in the hopes of guaranteeing easier parking. They were joined by others who were just interested in writing the $511 tickets.

The system requires a person take three photographs of the alleged violator — one of the license plate, one of the windshield and one showing the car and the handicapped parking sign. The software sends the photos and the GPS location to the city so it can issue the expensive ticket.

‘There’s really no better enforcement tool than our citizens policing themselves,’ Councilman Mike Martinez said. ‘I think the merits of this program deserve our support.'” (Go here)

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