Tokyo Tells Citizens To Be Quiet About Radioactive Debris

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
By Paul Martin

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Employees Tell Citizens Who Protest Against Disaster Debris: “There’s Nothing You Can Do About It, Ha-ha”

Or worse. One of them said to the caller, “It is a fate for children to accept radiation contamination.”

Here are three tweets by the citizens who called the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Environment to protest against the disaster (and radioactive) debris from Iwate Prefecture, which is now being burned in that TEPCO’s subsidiary on the landfill in Tokyo Bay. I present them as I found them on Twitter; I don’t have reasons to suspect they are fake, but use your own judgment. From what I’ve heard directly from people who have called the Bureau or the national government’s Ministry of the Environment in the past, this kind of response is all too typical.

It does seem that the bureaucrats are very well trained under the governor who scolded the protesting Tokyo residents and told them to “shut up”.

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