2012: Why the year could be one of the worst in the planet’s history

Monday, November 7, 2011
By Paul Martin

The Extinction Protocol
November 7, 2011

LONDON –The world will not end in 2012 though before it’s over, for many, it may well feel like it. Nearly every dramatic event from social unrest to the crisis in the Middle East appears to be converging in the coming year. Solar activity, though low by previous solar cycles, is starting to increase. NASA said the solar maximum in 2012-2013, when the Sun is expected to reach peak activity, may be the strongest since 1958. 2012 is also expected to be the year of the return of the Mesoamerican pagan deity Quetzalcoatl –setting the stage for the potential appearance of many other entities, and beings also claiming divinity and that they are here to guide humanity through the corridors of this planetary crisis. Geopolitics: According to senior intelligence officials in the U.S. and Israel, 2012 is the year Iran is supposed to be near nuclear weapons capability. Will this be the year of a military action in Iran? Israel is already comtemplating a potential military strike to halt Iran’s nuclear program. 2012 is the year President Putin returns to power just as Russia is undergoing a strong surge in nationalism, is modernizing its nuclear arsenal, seeking closer ties with China, and beefing up its military presence across the globe.

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