In Five Days the World Could End (As You Know It)

Saturday, November 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

Stephen Alexander

If you woke up in five days and there was no electricity, no internet, no cell phones, what would you do? As for me, I’ll answer that question at the end of this article. But why worry, it’s not going to happen. But it could and I’ll explain it briefly.

In five days, a large “benevolent monster” of a sunspot is turning to face the Earth. The most active part of the entire sun since 2005. And “it’s still growing,” according to Jess Whittington, a forecaster at the federal Space Weather Prediction Center. This “benevolent monster” of a sunspot will only be facing our planet for two weeks.

The consequences of this is dire, if you only understand what happens if this “benevolent monster” of a sunspot unleashes it’s full fury upon our small planet. Let’s go back in time to 1859.

From August 28 until September 2, 1859, the earth faced a similar scenario such as what is occurring in five days. On September 1, 1859, the largest flare came unleashed a coronal mass ejection straight at the Earth. And just 18 hours later, the largest recorded geomagnetic storm hit the Earth.

In Boston, the light was so bright that even at 1:00 AM, people could read the newspaper without any other light sources around them. The currents in long Telegraph wires in both the United States and Europe experienced induced ElectroMagnetic Force. Fires broke out in the telegraph offices and even shocked the telegraph operators. Auroras were seen in Hawaii, Mexico, Cuba and Italy. This was the 1859 solar superstorm.

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