‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement hits Olympia

Saturday, October 8, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Chris West

The increasingly popular Occupy Wall Street movement has come to Olympia.

An event is planned for Sylvester Park on Friday night and will coincide with the annual Fall Arts Walk, which brings thousands of visitors to downtown Olympia.

A Facebook page for the Occupy Olympia group already has more than 300 “likes” as of Thursday morning and more than 90 have signed up to attend.

It’s billed as the “2nd General Assembly for the Occupation of Sylvester Park.” The group also met on Oct. 1.

The posting reads: “if enough people are there we may start occupation. So come prepared for either I’d say.”

In recent days, similar movements have taken shape in Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham.

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