Kaku: Human civilization may destroy itself, “I mean, look at Fukushima” — Liquefication of 3 nuclear reactor cores… First time any core ever liquefied — It’s still out of control, 3/11 disaster could start all over again (VIDEO)

Sunday, September 29, 2013
By Paul Martin

September 29th, 2013

Title: Michio Kaku interview
Source: Dark Matter
Date: Sept. 16, 2013:
At 41:00 in
Art Bell, host: That’s optimism alright. By the way, what about the little trips we’ve had along the way: big earthquakes, nuclear reactors going bonkers, that kind of thing?

Michio Kaku, Protégé of ‘father of the H-bomb’ Edward Teller and earned Ph.D. in nuclear physics from University of California Berkeley: It’s not clear that we are going to make it [to a ‘Type 1’ civilization without destroying ourselves] -– I mean look at Fukushima […] Three simultaneous meltdowns. Do you realize that the core at Fukushima liquefied? We’ve never seen liquefication of a nuclear reactor core […] 3 liquefications of molten uranium. And you realize we still have not controlled it. They could spiral out of control any day. Small little earthquake and the reactor accident starts up all over again. […] There’s been a collapse in nuclear energy in the United States. However in Japan […] we have this raging meltdown that’s in a temporary stasis […]

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