THE END OF U.S. DOMINANCE IN 2013: Real National Debt Grows $100 Billion Per Week, 100 Yrs of The Fed And 95% Loss In The Dollar, And Doubling The Tax Rates For Rich Is Not Even Enough To Close The Deficit

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
By Paul Martin
December 19th, 2012

An American Reckoning, a preview:

Is gold manipulation a factor in price?
100 yrs of the Fed and 95% loss in the dollar
Career politicians vs. true Statesmen

THE FINAL CRASH – THE END OF U.S. DOMINANCE IN 2013 – Part Two – The Economic Crash of 2013

Regardless of the outcome of a potential military crash between the forces of the United States and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf, an abrupt and the total economic crash of the United States and the world economies could be expected soon thereafter! The growing process of the current economic meltdown in the United States and in the western hemisphere will not only compound but also speed up the process even more!


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