Wednesday, December 12, 2012
By Paul Martin
Dec 12, 2012

Clackamas Town Center shooting: At least 2 shot dead, more injured by man with an AR-15 rifle. Another case of a person going to a populated place and opening fire with assault type semi-auto weapons. As usual the guy then kills himself. This incident is a text book case of mind control of an individual to carry out an act that they would have not done without the mind control and then killing themselves. Before you say conspiracy theory, look up government mind control programs for yourself. You will find a long history of research into mind control and its use by our government. I am a mental health professional and I firmly believe many of the mass shootings in our recent history are mind control events with the goal of demonizing the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership in the USA. Don’t you find it interesting Obama and his hoard want to ban assault weapons so we have another assault weapon mass killing. It does appear the shooter’s gun jammed and he self destructed before killing a high number of people which the controllers no doubt hoped for. Yes our leaders are so corrupt and evil they will kill us indiscriminately to obtain their goals of power and control.

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