The Hooker-Opportunity

Friday, March 23, 2012
By Paul Martin

Friday, 23 March 2012

“Hooker – a concealed problem, Flaw, or Drawback”

“I’m afraid the stage is already being set right now and it’s certainly a high inflation crisis. You can see the incipient signs of rising prices in all kinds of areas.

“The rises in commodities prices across the board is a result of the Federal Reserve trying to monetize the deficit and give the politicians cover for their irresponsible spending by printing the money to cover it up so we don’t have to go out and borrow it.

“We’re not the only ones doing it. The Bank of England is doing it, the Bank of Japan. China is inflating, even the Swiss for crying out loud, and the European Central Bank. We have a global problem of money printing that’s going to explode in our faces in the next year or so.

“As far as the unemployment rate, the single best thing we could ever do is we have to get government out of the picture.

“When World War II ended, the federal government cut spending by two thirds and this country boomed like you cannot believe. We haven’t had a boom like that since. And they cut spending by two-thirds to achieve it.

“Normally we’re running at least a $100 billion deficit a month … Not only is the country broke, but the red party and the blue party are both into this thing up to their eyeballs.”

“’High Inflation Crisis’ Looms for U.S.”, Charles Goyette, 3/16/2012

The eight largest Central Banks’ Orgy of Fiat Money Printing continues. They inflated their Balance sheets by $3 Trillion in 2011 alone. This unprecedented-in-human-history Orgy of Fiat Money Creation is creating many downstream Negative Consequences and a select few Opportunities, for those aware of the implications.

It is one such “Hooker Opportunity” on which we focus Today. We call it a Hooker Opportunity because it is a Profit Opportunity which also creates Negative Consequences for most other investments.

All but the Purblind; or those in Denial, are aware that the ongoing Massive Money Creation is already Creating Price Inflation in Food and Energy, with more to come. For details regarding the Consequences and Profit Potential from Massive Money Printing see our recent Article “Two Critical Investment Keys Going Forward” in ‘Articles by Deepcaster Cache’ at and Note 2 below.

And Massive Ongoing Monetary Inflation implies that the Profit Potential for those Purchasing Gold and Silver now is Extraordinary. But the Hooker-Opportunity lies in the Energy Sector.

Though U.S. Crude Oil Demand (about one fourth of World Demand) is down over 12% from its mid-decade peak, and U.S. inventories have been uptrending since then, Crude Oil prices have been uptrending since 2008.


It is not just Mideast War Fear.

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