Thursday, October 20, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
October 20, 2011

A Who is a Who no Matter How Small

Let there be no mistake about it. We are willfully ignorant. Purposefully blind might be an even better phrase.

It is the most evil of all ignorance. Lying to oneself, denying what is obvious, hiding behind the mist of moral relevance. Refusing to stop what we know is wrong.

Dr. Seuss made that very clear to us way back in 1954 with the publishing of Horton Hear’s a Who where Horton utters the universal truth “A Who is a Who no matter how small.”

Yes my friend, size has nothing to do with whether one is a person or not.

We would never permit a grown-up to kill a one year old baby, why would we grant license to kill a pre-born child?

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