New Jersey Contracted RFID Evacuee Tracking Tech Just Days Before Sandy Formed

Sunday, November 4, 2012
By Paul Martin

Aaron Dykes Infowars.com November 4, 2012 Presciently, the State of New Jersey announced a 5-year contract for RFID tracking technology used to assist in evacuation by identifying and monitoring the location of evacuees and emergency assets during hurricanes or other disasters just four days before Hurricane Sandy began to form. A press release was... »


Monday, July 23, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Paul McGuire July 23, 2012 NewsWithViews.com A major news story broke on AOL and countless other mainstream news media outlets, this past week, that the Obama Health Care Bill will require all U.S. citizens and babies to receive a microchip or Medchip by March 23, 2013. Whether or not the microchip requirement in... »

Flashback: Tom Horn Article At NewsWithViews On RFID And The Mark Of The Beast

Sunday, June 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

ARE CHRISTIANS BEING GROOMED TO ACCEPT THE COMING ANTICHRIST? By Thomas Horn April 24, 2005 NewsWithViews.com Today I learned that Madras High School in the little town of Madras, Oregon is the latest government institution to allow students to pay for their lunch with the swipe of a hand. Only yesterday in a related... »

Connecticut will move on “Real ID” license program this fall

Sunday, May 15, 2011
By Paul Martin

Martin B. Cassidy GreenwichTime.com STAMFORD — This fall, state drivers will need to go through a new system for renewing and obtaining licenses that will require a variety of identifications to obtain a new photo ID to flash as they enter airports, courthouses and other federal buildings. The program, called CT Select ID, would... »

Global Biometric Market All Set to Expand During 2011-2014

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

SBWire.com With rapid adoption of biometric technology in government organizations and financial institutions, the sector is set to witness a CAGR of around 23% during 2011-2014; says RNCOS. Noida, UP — (SBWIRE) — 04/03/2011 — Demand for biometric systems is growing at a fast pace as many government organizations and financial institutions are adopting... »

FBI Announces Creation of Biometric Database

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
By Paul Martin

ANIEL SAYANI New American March 22, 2011 The FBI announced last week that its new identification system has reached its initial operating capacity. Known as Next Generation Identification (NGI), the Lockheed Martin-built program serves as an incremental upgrade of the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or IAFIS — which will revolutionize law enforcement’s... »

Update-Tracking devices used in school badges

Monday, October 11, 2010
By Paul Martin

Two districts are first in the area to use ID tags that raise privacy, security concerns By JENNIFER RADCLIFFE HOUSTON CHRONICLE Oct. 11, 2010 Radio frequency identification — the same technology used to monitor cattle — is tracking students in the Spring and Santa Fe school districts. Identification badges for some students in both... »

Students Forced To Wear Radio Frequency IDs At Multiple Schools

Saturday, October 2, 2010
By Paul Martin

The Intel Hub.com October 2, 2010 Big brother has taken it to a new level, outfitting student Ids with tracking devices at Santa Fe Junior High and Santa Fe High School. Minus a few high profile shootings, schools are generally known as a safe environment for our children. Why then are these schools outfitted... »

Human Or Cow, PositiveID Has Your Microchip Implant Ready

Sunday, September 19, 2010
By Paul Martin

By Jim Edwards BNet.com September 17, 2010 Two months ago, PositiveID (PSID) said it was giving up on its implantable radio-frequency medical records microchip, and conspiracy theorists everywhere breathed a sigh of relief: Previously, the only market PositiveID had found for the chip was a group of Alzheimer’s patients in Florida who may not... »

666 ALERT! In the Debate Over RFID Tracking, Children Are Testing Ground

Friday, September 17, 2010
By Paul Martin

In the Debate Over RFID Tracking, Children are The Testing Ground by Aaron Saenz SingularityHub.com September 15th, 2010 RFID tags are already embedded in millions of products you buy…and your children could be next. In the ongoing debate over privacy and surveillance, Radio Frequency ID tags occupy a very interesting position. They are invaluable... »

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