Former Secret Service Agent: Adam Schiff Is a Snake! He’s the Biggest Fraud on Capitol Hill (Video)

Monday, February 12, 2018
By Paul Martin

by Jim Hoft
February 12, 2018

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino joined FOX and Friends on Monday morning to discuss the latest in the Obamagate Trump spying scandal.

Bongino told the morning hosts that former CIA Director John Brennan is “in a world of trouble” for lying under oath to Congress about the Russia dossier.

Dan Bongino then clubbed hyper-partisan hack Adam Schiff, “A snake. He’s the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now!”

Dan Bongino: It’s always predictable with them and it just shows their devious side. For as much as I disagree with Democrats and their ideology and everything they do… You almost have to respect their deviousness. They’re tactically brilliant. Put information in there that they know can’t get out on sources and methods in their memo that is. Give it to the president knowing he can’t release that memo. And then come back and say almost immediately on queue. Oh look the president is hiding something. It’s really deranged but this is what they do… My sources are telling me John Brennan is in a world of trouble right now! In May of 2017 Brennan said under oath on the hill, “Oh, I didn’t know who commissioned the dossier. Which is amazing! Because the CIA has a central role in the verification of foreign assets and information we get from foreign assets. It is not plausibly deniable that John Brennan did not know who commissioned that dossier. He’s in a world of trouble because he raised his right hand and he said the exact opposite… Jim Clapper is knee deep in this as well…

Steve Doocy: So Dan ultimately people like Adam Schiff, the Democrat from California, is he doing his best to keep all this from coming out or is he just playing the loyal opposition.

Dan Bongino: Adam Schiff is a snake. He’s the biggest fraud on Capitol Hill right now. Adam Schiff is doing the Democrats’ dirty work in trying to cover up.

Via FOX and Friends:

One Response to “Former Secret Service Agent: Adam Schiff Is a Snake! He’s the Biggest Fraud on Capitol Hill (Video)”

  1. Caroline

    Mr. Bongino, I respectfully disagree with your appraisal of Mr. Schiff. He is not the biggest snake on the hill, he is one of many snakes that are equally as deceptive and worthy of being taken down. The biggest piece of s**t that ever walked in district of criminals is none other than Hillary Clinton, next is slick willy and it goes down hill from there. I actually class Killery and slick in the same boat as boy george soros. Classless, filth that never should have come on this earth. Sociopaths to the core…let’s call them what they are.


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