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Targeted Killings: The White Paper Allows the Government to Kill a US Citizen who is not on the Battlefield”

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

By Marjorie Cohn Global Research February 08, 2013 An Interview with Marjorie Cohn about Targeted Killings By Dennis Bernstein B: We continue our discussion of the revelations around a memo coming out of the Justice Department that the administration plans to keep up these assassinations and expand the program. Joining us to take a... »

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The Fema Camp Bill is Back!

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Lee Rogers February 9, 2013 It looks as if Representative Alcee Hastings a Democrat from Florida has decided to reintroduce his FEMA Camp bill. A few years ago I was the first person to write an article about this awful piece of legislation. Fortunately, I was successful in exposing it to a much... »

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Market Collapse In Process? Billionaires Continue To Dump U.S. Stocks, Traders Are Betting Against U.S. Economy!! 9

Saturday, February 9th, 2013 February 9th, 2013 Billionaires Dumping Stocks, Economist Knows Why Despite the 6.5% stock market rally over the last three months, a handful of billionaires are quietly dumping their American stocks . . . and fast. Warren Buffett, who has been a cheerleader for U.S. stocks for quite some time, is dumping shares at... »

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The U.S. Government Is Preparing For War Against The American People

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Lee Rogers February 8, 2013 At this point there should be very little doubt that the United States government is preparing to wage war against its own people. Earlier this week, news broke about how the Obama regime through the Department of Justice is claiming in a memorandum that they have the power... »

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Another FBI Patsy Arrested in Fake Bomb Plot to Start a Civil War

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Eric Blair Activist Saturday, February 9, 2013 The FBI is at it again, boasting about stopping another contrived terror plot of their own making. This time they nabbed a right-winger working with the Taliban which happen to be an FBI agent provocateur. According to the FBI: Federal agents arrested Matthew Aaron Llaneza, age... »

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South America Goes Critical: Now Chavez Devalues Currency: “This May Well Be the Lighting of the Proverbial Fuse… Everywhere.”

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Mac Slavo February 9th, 2013 While Europe’s fiscal woes seem to be on everyone’s financial radar recently, and rightfully so, there is instability everywhere. This is a global economic crisis and it’s affecting hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Earlier this week Argentine President Cristina Kirchner responded to her country’s... »

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013 Feb 9, 2013 Interesting status report from Valley Guns in West Virginia : Status of gun industry Attention F.B. fans: to follow will be several IMPORTANT Info updates about the status of the gun industry currently, followed by an INVENTORY UPDATE: We traveled to Texas for Industry meetings concerning the shortages, here’s what... »

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Because We Sleep…”I pen this piece in disgust, shame, and dishonor as one who has witnessed the slumber of our civilization”

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

by John Galt February 9, 2013 With due consideration to those who care, I pen this piece in disgust, shame, and dishonor as one who has witnessed the slumber of our civilization and elected the Randian choice of selective support for those who may survive versus those who deserve the fate they have... »

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Global ‘credit supernova’ turns 2013 bull into bear

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

Commentary: Bill Gross warns about Fed’s cheap-money schemes By Paul B. Farrell Feb. 9, 2013 SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Bill Gross predicting a “Credit Supernova.” Yes, that’s what the “Bond King” sees dead ahead. He knows, his firm has $2 trillion at risk of collapsing into the “Black Hole” coming after... »

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Saturday, February 9th, 2013

by Morris Hubbartt FEBRUARY 9, 2013 If the implosion of Lehman could only get the dollar to 89.11, is there really any hope for the bulls now? I don’t think there is. I’ve labeled the dollar chart the “Triple Hammer Chart”, because I see 3 powerful chart patterns, and all of them are... »

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