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Big Brother Spying Didn’t Stop Connecticut School Shooter … Or 9/11

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

by George Washington 12/18/2012 Beyond any doubt, Big Brother has come to America. Americans are the most spied on people in world history. Everyone in the country is spied on … and even top generals, Congress men and CIA directors can be targeted. The separation between spy agencies and military operations has disappeared... »

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Former Obama Information Czar Calls Second Amendment Rights “Crazy”

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Attacks individual right to keep and bear arms Steve Watson Dec 18, 2012 Barack Obama’s former head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, Cass Sunstein, a long time advocate of eviscerating the Second Amendment, has penned a piece that essentially labels anyone who defends long standing gun rights in the US... »

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 DECEMBER 18, 2012 The legendary Jim Sinclair has responded to distraught gold and silver investors over today’s massive cartel take-down of gold and silver. Sinclair states that today’s price action reeks of capitulation everywhere, and that This event has been a manufactured market move since $1800, with clearly planned and executed intervention. The... »

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 December 18th, 2012 Speaker John Boehner told House Republicans on Tuesday he will move to a “Plan B” on the fiscal cliff by having the House vote on legislation to extend tax rates on annual income under $1 million. The bill would allow tax rates on annual income above $1 million to rise... »

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Russia Sends Two Squadrons Of Ships To Syria

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

by Tyler Durden 12/18/2012 Several days ago, various media outlets misinterpreted a statement out of Russia, in which it was said that Assad may be defeated by the local Al Qaeda-funded and US-supported rebels, and which many took as an indication that the geopolitics in the Middle East may be shifting as Russian... »

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The Psy-Ops War on Preppers

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

by Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper First of all, where is the headquarters of this “Doomsday Preppers Movement” I’ve been reading about? And where can I sign up? I didn’t realize there was an organized movement, one deserving of capital letters. Who is the leader of this “movement”? I’d like to meet him... »

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Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 DECEMBER 18, 2012 In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert look at central banking monkeys performing cannonballs into the global dark pools, the backlash against quantitative easing and the Queen ticking off the Bank of England. In the second half, Max talks to economist Sandeep Jaitly of about silver... »

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Japanese Pension Funds With $3.4 Trillion In Assets Seek Safety in Gold

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Gold Core Tuesday, 18 December 2012 Diversification into gold is taking place in order to protect against sovereign risk, debasement of currency risk and inflation risk. In March 2012, Okayama Metal & Machinery became the first Japanese pension fund to make public purchases of gold, in a sign of dwindling faith in paper... »

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The Government Cannot Take Away Our Guns

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

President Kennedy perhaps said it best, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” Alan Caruba Monday, December 17, 2012 The government cannot take away our guns. This is not to say it hasn’t tried by means of several thousand laws concerning gun ownership, the right to carry a concealed... »

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Japan Just Hit With Third Earthquake Today as 177 Earthquakes Have Peppered the Western Pacific

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 Tuesday, December 18, 2012 Honshu, Japan was just hit with its third earthquake of the day as 177 relatively significant earthquakes have peppered the Western Pacific Countries. The last 5.0 temblors hit approximately 4:20 p.m. Tuesday, December 18, 2012, local time. According to the USGS, the quake had a depth of 20 miles... »

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