Urgent Message to President Obama and NASA Admin ~the7th Planet Nibiru is Here / 100% Proof You Need To Prepare To Survive Right Now…(I Don’t Know, But Somethings Up…)

Thursday, March 31, 2016
By Paul Martin

by AMY S. MARCH 31, 2016 This week Cosmic News reports that the intence buildup to the Nibiru event is escalating as confirmation that nibiru /second sun /is here already ,The second sun has been filmed recently and the footage of this massive object was not lens flare but the real object ,... »

The mystery of Planet X deepens: Expert believes the mysterious ninth planet is to blame for wiping out the dinosaurs

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
By Paul Martin

Yesterday, more evidence for mysterious ‘Planet Nine’ was revealed Astrophysicist suggests this planet could have caused extinctions As Planet X orbits the sun, its tilted orbit slowly rotates and it passes through the Kuiper belt of comets every 27 million years This orbit causes comets to be knocked into the inner solar system By... »

Planet Nine Or Planet X? New Evidence Of A Mystery Object On The Periphery Of Our Solar System

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Michael Snyder March 28th, 2016 An astronomer at Caltech says that new evidence has been discovered that indicates that there is a massive planet lurking somewhere on the outer edges of our solar system. It has been dubbed “Planet Nine”, but that is only because Pluto is not considered to be a... »

Alleged CIA agent leaks inside knowledge of Planet X after viewing it through Hubble Space Telescope…(I Don’t Know, We’ll See…)

Sunday, March 6, 2016
By Paul Martin

At same time NASA and other agencies admit Planet X is real! By Shepard Ambellas March 6, 2016 Upon recent admissions by NASA and other officials confirming Planet X is real after all, one must question the validity of the information presented through mainline streams which may actually be an attempt to thwart... »


Thursday, February 25, 2016
By Paul Martin

Astrologist, Ex Government officials, Political insiders are all saying the same thing… 2016 is the year we have all been hearing about. The return of Planet X or Nibiru to some, Wormwood to others. Is John Moore correct in his statements that Planet x, or Nibiru, Wormwood are actually on a close approach of... »

SETI Warns Of Parent Body That Caused Recent Meteor Shower: “Looking For A Potentially Hazardous Comet”

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo February 24th, 2016 Researchers at the SETI Institute spotted something odd on New Year’s Eve over New Zealand. A stream of meteor showers appeared out of nowhere and now scientists around the world are scrambling to figure out where it originated and whether the parent body of that shower could be... »

Planet 9: Secret, dark world may be hiding within our solar system…(Media Telling Us About Planet X!?)

Thursday, January 21, 2016
By Paul Martin

The mysterious object has been spotted disturbing the movement of smaller objects in the outer solar system — but is too far away to be spotted directly Andrew Griffin Jan. 21, 2016 The world — which could be about ten times as massive as Earth — would be large enough to become the... »

John Moore:Planet X Biggest Cover Up of Nibiru Doomsday Scenario

Saturday, October 17, 2015
By Paul Martin

John Moore claims that the government is covering up the fact that a planetary object is on its way to Earth. He also discusses that the reason the Gulf Stream stopped was that Nibiru or Planet X is getting closer by the day and that the government has known about this since the late... »

A mysterious ‘Planet X’ may be hiding deep in the solar system…(Hits Mainstream!)

Thursday, September 10, 2015
By Paul Martin

Kelly Dickerson Sept. 10, 2015 Humans have explored only a tiny, tiny fraction of the universe, so we can’t rule out the possibility objects exist out there that we haven’t seen yet — even giant planets right in our backyard. You can divvy up the Solar System into four parts: the inner rocky... »

Planet X Accidentally Disclosed by NASA At Recent Conference

Thursday, September 10, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Voice of Reason Sept. 10, 2015 AT WHAT POINT DO PEOPLE TAKE THEIR HEADS OUT OF THE SAND? IS A SECOND SOLAR SYSTEM OTHER THAN THE ONE WE KNOW OF ORBITING OUR SUN? In a word: Yes. Contrary to those who want to yell “Conspiracy Theory,’ or point fingers and laugh, the... »