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73 Responses to “About”

  1. Scott Donahoe

    HI Paul,

    Your website is better than Drudge. Just wanted to tell you that. As a fellow news-alcoholic, it is so good, by the way, to see you post something about a nano-second before I want to send you a link to a specific story that might interest you!! This happens to me on a daily basis Paul. If you ever need a co-news investigator, please feel free to give a jingle.


  2. Thanks, Scott!! Thats very kind!!

    Buy me a cup of coffee sometime!

  3. Scott Donahoe

    Working on it Paul. Presently I have no job, no family, and the future is totally up to God my friend. To add to this, I think my Dog Robby, just did the deal with my other Dog Flow. Life is wonderful don’t you think?


  4. Scott Donahoe

    Hey…one more thing…don’t you think it is funny that the CDC and WHO have adjusted their numbers down for West Africa? DRC is still the same, and has been so since mid-October. Something-wicked-this way comes Paul. I sense a big green-weenier is about to befall us.

  5. Scott Donahoe

    SEE…? YOU DID IT AGAIN. Good job Paul

  6. Paul,

    Dave Hodges referenced you during our latest interview. Thought you may be interested. Sorry for the post, I didn’t know another way to get this to you.


  7. I agree…Something just don’t add up.

    Take care of yourself!

  8. Daniel


    I get more news off your sight in 5-minutes than surfing 10 sights…great job! I found you via John Moore…where can I get a listing of your interviews/schedule and network?


  9. Thanks Daniel!


    I just kinda bounce around to different shows.

    Will post when I’m on! Will be on Johns show 7am MST Tues. morning.

    Buy me a cup of coffee sometime!!

    God Bless,

  10. Daniel


    I don’t know if you post interview’s but this came out today and is excellent…Rick Wiles tells it like its is!


    Semper Fi!

    PS-Miss you on John Moore Show!

  11. Joe Marnell

    Hi Paul,

    Sorry that I didn’t get to visit with you last Saturday on KDAV. I was able to get a few words in with Dave Hodges and Benny Pope. I have had some many incredible comments from my friends listening in. I removed Drudge. It is just soapy garbage that warns nobody with hard facts. Take care and be safe.
    Hope to be in touch privately this week with some personal information.


  12. Hi,Joe! Call Anytime!

  13. Scott Donahoe

    Hi Paul…did you see the one about the cease fire being broken yet?

  14. Paul, I’ve been going to your site for years. Thanks for all the hard work!!! I heard you tonight on Dave Hodges show, and it was so nice to put a voice to a name and a site… 🙂

    Grace and courage brother. Be strong in the power of His might. I’ll see you there.


  15. Thanks, Darren!!

    God Bless, Paul

  16. Hi Paul,

    Like many I have also frequented your website also. Or daily truth be told. Thank you for what you do.
    I have started a website helping consumers when their right are violated by creditors such as banks and want to get the word out. Would it be possible to get some of my articles on your site?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing form you,


  17. Thanks,Ted! Sure…Anytime!!

  18. I can’t believe this website which offers what the main media won’t still publishes the garbage that a gone mad David Hodges writes. He is either truly gone mad or he comes here to discredit this website with his absurd deceitful and ridiculous doomsday out of touch with reality propaganda.
    In fact I think he works for the NeoCons and come here just to discredit the work that many other contributors offer.
    He has banned me from commenting on his website for this same reason.

  19. Andy

    Hi Paul. I heard you on Randy Yarbrough’s show the other day. I live close enough to KHNC that I am blessed with reception of their broadcast content. Thank you for being his guest, and for all you do!

  20. Thank You, Andy!

  21. robert moore

    use a drone with video cam to scope out bluff & safer than a manned aircraft that they can shoot down plus drone miuch much smaller & harder to detect

  22. I had thought about that, Robert! Thanks!

  23. ARTICLE by Prof. John McMurty
    October 8, 2015
    Global Research
    Article: Canada: The Cover-Up and Steal of Another Election:
    The Harper Corruption of Canada and Opposition Fear To Name It”

  24. Bill bryant

    I want to send you a donation check but I don’t,t have an address. Please email me an address so I can mail it to you.
    Bill bryant

  25. Hi, Bill!

    Thanks for your response!

    49285 Cty. Rd. 17

    Wellington Co. 80549

  26. Joe Marnell


    This is Joe Marnell from Lubbock, TX. I had dropped you an email previously. I am friends with Bennie Pope. I wanted to visit by phone sometime as to some remarkable dreams that I have had and others about me that have been coming to fruition since 1988. I want to share these now as they area bout to be fulfilled completely. I had a dream and saw the first gulf war, the stock market climb, and stall, and then crash. Prior to the crash, there was an explosion that occurred either on a Tuesday or Thursday. I have friends that have known of these events for almost 28 years. I formally owned and operated 8 restaurants that included 7 Burger Kings. I would like to share with you to determine if I should even say anything online or not. I have had numerous experiences that have come true. I am a bout to defend my PhD in Biometric and RFID authentication complexity and resistance to using. I know how they are going to control access to food.

    Thanks for all that you do for us.

    Joe Marnell

  27. Hi, Joe! Missed Your E-Mail! E-Mail me again and get my phone number!


  28. Bill


    John Moore said he may be coming out to a meeting at the end of the month or first part of May? Have you pinpointed a date yet? Thanks, man.


  29. Not Yet. I’ll call today!

  30. Bob

    Dave Hodges article re “Obamacare psychiatrists…” references “new diagnosis” Oppositional Defiant Disorder. I do believe that is a diagnosis which pertains to children and adolescents, not adults.

  31. Bob

    And…it is not “new”.

  32. Heidi

    Hello Paul~ I just listened to your interview (that you did on Sunday) with Dave Hodges. Wow you talked about some scary things. I live in CO too, Evergreen. I am so scared about what is going on and what to prepare for. I have had eyes wide open for about 5 years and am very prepared, but some of the things you discussed are just so foreign to me. I don’t know anyone with a military background, which seems so valuable at this time in our history! I am still working on a few preps, but have tried to think of everything to keep my family and kids safe. After listening to your interview, I am really concerned that I just haven’t thought of everything and that the idea of staying put just isn’t going to be an option.

    Dave mentioned that Colorado was “the capital of agenda 21″… what does he mean by that? I know what A21 is, but just wondering how CO is different than anywhere else? I don’t know if you’re up for a private conversation, or coffee- but I’d love to come up and take you to lunch if you don’t mind a conversation?

    Best, Heidi

  33. Hunter

    Just want to weigh in on a subject you touched on a day or so ago on the CSS.
    For any who think there are insufficient camps (FEMA etc.) to hold all the people, just google “rhine meadows camps”. I guess some folks think this is a picnic we are going to!

  34. Thanks, Hunter!

  35. Cheryl

    Hi Paul,
    I want to listen to your radio show, but do not see a link at this website. How can I listen to you on Saturday nights?

  36. Paul – heard you on an interview with Dave Hodges. Good input about lady called home to Australia, and the underground ovens. I have a retired CIA officer I befriended some 15 yrs. ago. He keeps me up to date with many topic- including the two you mentioned to Dave. I have info on many many subjects, to include- trump to be killed, election fraud, massive UFO fleet waiting behind the moon, our bases on the backside of the moon and Mars, Benghazi- the real story, etc.
    feel free to contact me. I’m a on in the news junky! But, have real stories from real insiders like yourself.


  37. David Giles

    Paul I live in EP and know of no one here that is preparing (of course they dont know I am prepping either) anyway I would like to buy you that cup of coffee I get to Ft Collins weekly. Please contact me and let me know how I can get in touch with you.

    be well

  38. Listen to you and Hodges a lot. I am retired airline Capt. Living in Hawaii and also Christian Minister. Aloha!

  39. Rebel

    I heard your interview with Dave and everyone is missing what they are going to use to shut down the cities. I have an immediate family member who sells software to the DOD, NSA, HSA etc and she has a specific program that they stole her engineers and the software. They don’t have to shut the cities down, just throw a switch. All vehicles will be made obsolete and everybody will be stuck right where they are. If you have a vehicle after 2004 or so you will be stuck. No one is talking about this but check your sources and I promise you it is going to happen. People will be sitting ducks and won’t be able to bug out or get to the store or anyplace. Please get this out to people ASAP. Onstar and other similar programs were all about getting vehicles so they can be crippled and rendered useless. Please alert people to get out there and buy an older car or they have no chance. This will happen with no EMP needed.

  40. Kiki

    Hi Paul,

    We have been listening to you on The Common Sense Show. We live in Nothern Colorado and have been in community for over 25 years. We like to connect with you locally as we don’t know anyone in the area who understands what is happening. We woke up in 2008 have tried to warn our friends but have been met with hostility over our warnings. Few want to talk about what is happening. Please send me a message via email.

  41. neverfear

    I’m in Northern Colorado also, and a loner, but not by choice. Contact me please. Thanks!

  42. dan benson


    Just to let you know,

    I received a notice from Soc. Sec. today stating that since I’m 66 or older in 2017 and fully retired I can keep all my benefits no matter how much I earn in 2017.

    I know this means. They are telling all retirees, go back to work now, if you want to survive. Your Soc. Sec. benefits will be cut in 2017.

    They are getting ready for the great reset from fiat money to solid money.

    No more massive credit or debt for even the Govt. Meaning entitlement programs must be cut drastically.

    Think about all those people on welfare and food stamps, when they lean their benefits have been cut and or they need to work for them and get even less.

    They will blame racist Trump for this. Talk about civil (race) war.

    This is not far off.

  43. Adam

    Hey Paul, I listen to you and Dave Hodges whenever I see anything new on YouTube. I live literally within 1 mile of LaPorte and see some of this stuff that you are discussing going on, and like some of the other people on here from Northern Colorado have stated, would like some contact and would like to meet like-minded people as well that see what is going on. 99% of anyone I have brought this up to you looks at me with understandably skeptical eyes… tons of small private aircraft overhead in the area all the time that just started up in the last few months, possibly connected? Please shoot me an email if possible, thank you


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