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  1. Scott Donahoe

    HI Paul,

    Your website is better than Drudge. Just wanted to tell you that. As a fellow news-alcoholic, it is so good, by the way, to see you post something about a nano-second before I want to send you a link to a specific story that might interest you!! This happens to me on a daily basis Paul. If you ever need a co-news investigator, please feel free to give a jingle.


  2. Thanks, Scott!! Thats very kind!!

    Buy me a cup of coffee sometime!

  3. Scott Donahoe

    Working on it Paul. Presently I have no job, no family, and the future is totally up to God my friend. To add to this, I think my Dog Robby, just did the deal with my other Dog Flow. Life is wonderful don’t you think?


  4. Scott Donahoe

    Hey…one more thing…don’t you think it is funny that the CDC and WHO have adjusted their numbers down for West Africa? DRC is still the same, and has been so since mid-October. Something-wicked-this way comes Paul. I sense a big green-weenier is about to befall us.

  5. Scott Donahoe

    SEE…? YOU DID IT AGAIN. Good job Paul

  6. Paul,

    Dave Hodges referenced you during our latest interview. Thought you may be interested. Sorry for the post, I didn’t know another way to get this to you.


  7. I agree…Something just don’t add up.

    Take care of yourself!

  8. Daniel


    I get more news off your sight in 5-minutes than surfing 10 sights…great job! I found you via John Moore…where can I get a listing of your interviews/schedule and network?


  9. Thanks Daniel!


    I just kinda bounce around to different shows.

    Will post when I’m on! Will be on Johns show 7am MST Tues. morning.

    Buy me a cup of coffee sometime!!

    God Bless,

  10. Daniel


    I don’t know if you post interview’s but this came out today and is excellent…Rick Wiles tells it like its is!


    Semper Fi!

    PS-Miss you on John Moore Show!


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