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  1. Hi Paul,
    Been on board with John for 10+ yrs. Started listening to him while living in Oaxaca. Had to leave Mexico another story. Crazy dangerous down there. We live close to La Veta CO if your ever this way give us a hollar! Not much on coffee, its green tea these days.

    We should hook up. I am up your way periodically or your welcome if your ever this way. Have seen much but will not discuss over phone.

    take care,


  2. Sure! Let me know when you come North!

  3. henry

    Hi Paul,
    Didn’t get the email. Your welcome to email me directly anytime.
    Listening to you this morning, I am an Oklahoma rodeo guy myself. Kinda busted up from it. As well Denton Texas area lots of cowboyin when I was younger. I actually am from Cushing, have Chickasaw blood.

    In regard to the Ebola, I heard 2 x yesterday on radio that the Ebola is not stable and takes quite alot to contract, mainly in vomit, open wounds etc. Possibly more false propaganda but it is being stated on patriot radio stations. Thought you would like to know.

    We are close to La Veta , give us a shout anytime.. 719-989-8500

    We are rural, stop in , bring Jon :)

  4. henry

    Sorry changed phone 7198900031 is correct.

  5. Scott Donahoe

    Hi Paul…great (dreadful) Ebola coverage. Been listening to JR for a couple of years and really enjoy when you come on. I sent John an Ebola Death Model a couple of weeks ago, and asked that he forward to you. It is tracking Africa, both west and DRC, dead-nuts. BTW, I am aware that cases there are woefully under reported, and my model only predicts based on the WHO/CDC’s lies! I have now added a Dallas-Ebola worksheet, and I am tracking this situation extremely closely…it will only be as good as our MSM’s lies! Take cover…Scott

  6. Hi Scott! Thank You!! Kinda wears on your head after a while!!

    Buy Me A Cup Of Coffee If You Can!


  7. Scott Donahoe

    Give me a couple of days, and if all goes well, I’ll buy you a few OK? This Ebola thing reminds me of Slim in Dr. Strange Love, “well boyz, I reckon this is it…new-clear combat toe-to-toe with the Russkies.”

  8. Gettin’ Weird, Scott!!


  9. Scott Donahoe

    Yep, now you and John are boots-on-the-ground types. Me, I’m an Air Force guy. Caviar, fine wine, tons of miles from the front! By the way, at my remote transmitter/receiver site in Italy in the 1980’s, I intercepted the bombing transmission against Momar after it was alleged that he did some terror event at a German disco – according to prez Reagan. You know what the acronym LIBYA means??? Lackenheath Is Bombing Your Ass. Scott

  10. “Lackenheath Is Bombing Your Ass. ” LOL!!

  11. Jasmine

    Why so much fear porn on this site? Reading this stuff on a daily basis would
    surely make one want to dig a whole and bury themselves. why not report on something positive and useful? Something that would lift people’s spirit.?

  12. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    According to Dr. Rima at Natural Solutions, she has been banned from revolutionradio, but Mr. Parnum, pretending to sell the same “nano silver” has not been banned. If you read Parnum’s product description at http://www.ihsite.com/blog/super-silver-solution/ you will see he is talking about a patented method of preparing colloidal silver.
    But that is not nano silver. Nano Silver is a military researched, developed and released product bearing no resemblance to colloidal or ionic silver. It is the stuff you find in socks, fabrics and plastics to prevent growth of mold and pathogens. It has been tested for internal use in Sierra Leone, which country has announced it is their official cure for Ebola and they have released at least hundreds of people after this substance was administered internally.
    US Government claims that its own product, nano silver, found in numerous products and widely used to sterilize hospital surfaces, is a quack cure is not founded in law nor in ethical medical practice. It’s pure corruption by the presidency and his pharmaneutical supporters, most of whom have admitted in writing repeatedly that they lie about the effectiveness and honesty of their own products.
    I am a customer of nano silver. I haven’t used it yet. I’ve heard it can cause liver and kidney damage–but I only hear that from the government, which says the say of colloidal and ionic silver, and I’ve used those with no bad side effects and test out as healthy in kidney and liver.
    My conclusion is that revolutionradio, for banning nano silver on its site, a widely used product in industry, which in Sierra Leone clears up Ebola infection within days—too quickly to cause kidney or liver damage—is a scam site masquerading on behalf of government for the purpose of perjuring against innocent participants and committing violations of human rights. Ebola is killing thousands of people. When the justice comes around eventually, I will personally see to it, if asked to testify along with Rima and others, that the operators of revolutionradio go on trial for mass murder, to be hanged, if lawful and guilty, by the neck until dead in Nuremburg style.
    Heil revolutionradio.

  13. Kenneth Wade Wilson

    If you want to know why revolutionradio banned nano silver, then view this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ2_htS-bW0

  14. I never banned anything!

  15. Phil White

    Paul, First talked w/ you bk @ 10 Bears. Wondering about Colo. politics info trying to catch up…last min. style. Still busy w/ Highpark aftermath, & hardly keeping up on local venues, besides tuning out the ads. With the “wealth of info” on your site, i just may have missed a turn. So if you can steer me in the right direction, i’d definitely owe you a cup of joe!
    Thanks for all you do!! & May the great Lord bless you and yours. PW


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