TSA Terrifies, Too .

Sunday, November 21, 2010
By Paul Martin

NOVEMBER 21, 2010

When will Americans declare the Transportation Security Administration a terrorist organization?

The TSA has evolved far beyond shaking down little old ladies for hair gel and children for liquid-filled snow globes.

Now it snaps naked pictures with creepy Advanced Imaging Technology machines, subjecting you to unknown health risks from radiation. And if you don’t want to submit to this high-tech horror, one of its tub stackers will gladly pat down your genitals instead.

Several U.S. senators last week told TSA Director John Pistole that maybe his agency has gone too far. Ya think?

“I wouldn’t want my wife being touched in the way these folks are being touched,” Sen. George LeMieux, (R., Fla.) cried.

Mr. Pistole, an impeccably shaven former FBI official, was freakishly unrepentant: “I recognize the invasiveness of it. I also recognize the threats are real.”

Terrorists are indeed a threat. But terrorists do not have their hands on our pants.

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