Obama’s Justice Department Argues Before Supremes: International Treaties Trump Constitution

Thursday, October 31, 2013
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
October 31, 2013

Here’s one you’re not seeing covered by the establishment teleprompter readers.

The Justice Department is going before the Supreme Court and arguing that the Obama administration has the authority to trump the Constitution with international treaties.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is stepping up to the plate to fight this globalist broadside.

“The Constitution created a limited federal government with only specific enumerated powers,” Cruz told the Washington Examiner. “The Supreme Court should not interpret the treaty power in a manner that undermines this bedrock protection of individual liberty.”

In a speech delivered to the Heritage Foundation, Cruz said the Justice Department’s arguments before the highest court represent “an absurd proposition” that “could be used as a backdoor way to undermine” Second Amendment and other constitutional rights the global elite are working overtime to eradicate.

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